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GODZ EMPIR3 is a Call of Duty clan established June 1st of 2011. The Original 3 Leaders/Founders

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GODZ EMPIR3 2015 - Present Logo

GODZ EMPIR3 Current Logo

GODZ EMPIR3 Advanced Warfare Logo


GODZ EMPIR3 Ghosts logo

are dukezap1, zaqwsxer, and NWA_XFIREX. GODZ clan (Original name) was re-named to GODZ EMPIR3 in late 2012

The GODZ EMPIR3 website can be accessed from here:

The Forums here:

and the Facebook page here:

YouTube Channel:



GODZ EMPIR3 is currently exclusive to the Playstation/PC

Current Games: Call of Duty, Minecraft (console), Destiny 2, Warframe, Overwatch

GODZ emblem

GODZ EMPIR3 Logo for Black ops 2


dukezap1 (Owner / Founder)

zaqwsxer (Leader / Founder) [Games: BOI, MW3, BOII, Ghosts, Minecraft, AW, GTAV, BOIII]

NWA_XFIREX (Leader / Founder) [Games: BOI, MW3, BOII, GTAV, AW, BOIII]

Th3spian777 (Leader / Veteran / 2011-Present Day) [Games: BOI, MW3, BOII, Ghosts, Destiny, Minecraft]

Stud_MuffinIV (V.I.P / Veteran / 2011-Present Day) [Games: BOI, MW3, BOII, Ghosts, Minecraft, AW, GTAV, BOIII]

ReD_MeNaCe-77 (V.I.P / 2012-Present Day) [Games: MW3, Ghosts, AW, Minecraft, BOIII]

RYAN_QK (V.I.P/BOII-Current) [Games: BOII, Ghosts, AW, Destiny, Minecraft, BOIII]

Zach_The_Rej3ct (V.I.P / Veteran / 2011-Present Day) [Games: BOI, BOII]

assaultpro817 (V.I.P / Veteran / 2011-Present Day) [Games: BOI, MW3, BOII, GTAV, BOIII]

Retired Leadership:

BenCrompton22 (Retired / Leader / 2012-2014)

x_CanadianGirl (Retired / V.I.P / MW3-BOII)

slashngashed (Retired / Veteran / 2011-2012) (Returned as MedicatedBaby420 2015, BOIII)
GODZ clan logo

GODZ clan 2011 Official Logo

Latest activity

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